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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christ and Creation video.

I have created a PowerPoint presentation on "Christ and Creation."  This post may be of some value to others, but is designed to supplement that video.

There are some links in the presentation, which can't be accessed from the video. Those links are given below:

Essay on environmental stewardship of God's creation.

Genesis 2:4 in Hebrew, showing the use of yowm.

Discussion on the interpretation of the creation story, as given in the Bible.

Geological evidence does not support a young earth.

Glen Morton asked young-earth creationist geologists if they applied young-earth geology to their jobs.

This presentation is also available below, although I am not happy with how it looks in this web page, and I have added two summary slides since originally posting this page.

If you want the presentation, in PowerPoint format, leave me your e-mail address in a comment, or in some other way, and I'll send the file to you.

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