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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sunspots 44

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Joe Carter doesn't think global warming is as serious as some of us, and writes about why not. A solid post.

There have been accusations that a Bush appointee tried to censor NASA scientists' reports on the Big Bang and global warming. The appointee has resigned. His academic credentials were false, apparently. See also here.

Listen (what else?) to a report on headphone use and hearing loss.

Brandy points out that Google has a music search now.

If it works right, Zillow is the place where you go to find out how much houses are worth. It's gotten a lot of traffic, so there have been some problems.

Kevin Wright disputes some arguments against pacifism.

Katherine posts a list of invalid reasons for serving God, with examples.

Brandy and Laura have short good posts on God's love.

Bonnie has yet more sensible things to say about End of the Spear.

This week's Christian Carnival is here. (For information on locating these Carnivals, see here)

When I don't tell where I found an item above, I either found it directly, or was probably pointed to it by the Librarians Internet Index, SciTech Daily, or Arts and Letters Daily. All of them are great.

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Julana said...

So I can take the Ipod off my wish list?