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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Proverbs and other stuff

I've made these up, I think. You're welcome to use them. If you made them up, or know some other source, let me know, please.

1) Always try to park so you don't have to back up. It's safer.

2) Everybody works harder than everybody else. If you don't believe it, just ask them.

3) Never say "I'll never forget . . . ." None of us are guaranteed to remember even our own names for all of our lives. (Try not to forget that!)

4) If asked "How are you?" the proper answer is "Better than I deserve." But for the grace of God, we'd all be dead and eternally lost.

Have you got one (or more)?

While watching the WNBA playoffs, I heard a remark I wish I had made: Sue Bird, point guard for the Seattle Storm, had had an injury to her nose in the previous game. She thought it was broken (it has been broken twice) but it wasn't. Nonetheless, she wore a mostly transparent mask. (Richard Hamilton, of the Detroit Pistons, wore one when his team won a championship, for similar reasons.) Doris Burke, calling the game for ESPN, said that Bird had a "twisted beak." (Bird, and the Storm, lost to the Los Angeles Sparks, who advanced in the playoffs.) Burke has called both men's and women's college and professional basketball games.


Tap said...

I'm not sure the parking thing is always true: there is at least one parking lot around here designed with one-way aisles and slanted spaces so that it's much easier to back out the way you pulled into a space.

Martin LaBar said...

Probably no proverb is always true!


Don said...

Corollary to #2: Everyone has had a rougher time than you've had, and they won't hesitate to tell you so.

Martin LaBar said...

You are right, Don.


Rachel said...

I'm sure I've made up a few of these, but the only one I can remember now is this:

"Any statement preceded by, 'Unlike most people, I...' will usually make the speaker come off as a pretentious fool."

Unlike most people, I try to avoid making this kind of statement because I know how stuck-up it'll make me sound :)

Martin LaBar said...

Unlike most people, I try to reply to all comments to my blog. (That's probably not true of most people with blogs!) Thanks.