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Friday, September 01, 2006

John Pettigrew on Origins

John Pettigrew has written an interesting post on origins -- how things started. Here's his summary of the advantages of his position:

Unlike the Creationist, we do not have to suggest that Creation lies to us about how it was made and the journey it has taken.
Unlike the predestinationist, we do not have to suggest that God controls every event within Creation, leaving no true freedom for any creature.
Unlike the ID advocate, we do not have to suggest that Creation wandered from the path God desired, or was incapable itself of following that path.
Unlike the materialist, we do not have to claim that there is no divine control of Creation.

Interested? So what does he believe? Read on.

Here's my take on what he believes. Pettigrew believes that Creation was made without everything being completely determined -- there was some room for random events, in his belief.

He believes that assertions that only a Designer could have created such and such are false. (He does believe in a creative God, with omnipotent power, which He has limited somewhat in order to allow for chance, and for choices by some of His creatures.) He believes that the Design was in the universe as it began, not in intervention from time to time. (He does believe in miracles, but claims that when they occur, they are to demonstrate God's power.)

As might be expected, there are some interesting comments.

I found Pettigrew's position interesting and intriguing, and believe that there is Biblical support for at least some of it.

Thanks for reading.


Elliot said...

Interesting! I think I agree with a great deal of Pettigrew's position.

Martin LaBar said...

I think I do, too. Thanks, elliot.