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Sunday, October 15, 2006


We are traveling, and I probably won't have web access, or time, to post for a couple of weeks, more or less. I may get out a Sunspots, and another Diary of an Old Soul. Maybe not.

Thanks for reading.


Tap said...


This is probably not the right place to ask, but I didn't look hard enough to find your e-mail. Would you consider enabling a full text feed for your blog instead of just summaries? I believe Blogger gives you a choice and it would make it a lot easier to skim through your articles in an aggregator, instead of seeing only about three lines and having to bring up a browser to finish the article.

Perhaps you have a reason for not wanting to do so, in which case it would be interesting to know why.


Martin LaBar said...

I have attempted to change the feed to full, using the settings in Blogger, but I am not sure that it worked.

I haven't tried this before for two reasons.
1) I use Bloglines to subscribe to feeds, which means that I am already in a browser, so this hasn't been an issue for me personally, and I didn't realize that it was for anyone else. Sorry.
2) I prefer to read just the first few lines and the title myself, rather than scrolling through a lot to get to the second post.

Anyway, I've tried to change the posting from short to full. Thanks.

Tap said...

I would expect it's possible for an aggregator like bloglines to truncate a post itself, but it can never show the full post if it's not available from the site. Admittedly, this feature probably isn't implemented in a lot of aggregators...

Thanks for turning on the full posts, it appears to have worked.

Interestingly, you can still get the short version of the feed from this URL, but you can't get the long version unless "Full" is enabled. (Unless possibly the options for Blogger beta are different from the non-beta options, and allow you to enable or disable full without making it the default.)

Randy said...

I stumbled across your blog the other day while searching for a picture of "hearts-a-bustin" (Euonymous americanus) and found myself taken in with your writing, especially on the issue of "origins". I too am a biology professor and a christian, and I guess I would fall into the "theistic evolutionist" category. I really enjoyed your "origins flowchart" and accompanying text. There was a recent article in the Christian Standard that I thought might interest you as well. It can be found at

Hope your travels are going smoothly, and I look forward to reading your blog.

Mirtika said...

Go and return safely. Enjoy your peregrinations.