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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sunspots 107

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

The apparent new appearance, due to mutations, of a protein that serves as a gated ion channel. Michael Behe, in Darwin's Black Box, according to the article (I don't have a copy available) said that gated ion channels were irreducibly complex, and thus evidence for Intelligent Design.

A Science and Engineering Encyclopedia. For biology, it's more of a dictionary, and the Wikipedia is far better, at least so far. Said to be good for engineering.

The Encyclopedia of Life is also in its infancy, but the hope is to have a good web page up for every species now alive.

He Lives gives some good arguments for accepting the findings of science as part of God's revelation, and says that some people should be called a "fundamentalist liberal" because they add "things and requirements that he is sure God intended but never got around to actually telling us" to scripture.

Wired on scandals involving poor people from India selling their kidneys. There are links to related stories.

There are reports of the brightest star explosion ever observed.

I discovered, to my amazement, that there are homosexual men who actively seek to become infected with HIV, known as "bugchasers."

The National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs are down to eight teams. Although most of the players on all teams are African-American, only one of these eight, the Cleveland Cavaliers, is coached by an African-American, Mike Brown.

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