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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Houston Rockets win streak now 21 games

ESPN reports that the Houston Rockets have now won 21 games in a row. Only one other team in NBA history has a longer streak. It's the Los Angeles Lakers, who are to visit Houston tomorrow. However, it isn't the same Laker players -- LA won 33 in a row in 1971-2.

A player named Mike Harris scored more points in the fourth quarter than he had in his entire career -- 10. The Rockets activated him a few days ago. He was cut from their roster before the season started, but they have had enough injuries that they needed someone to fill in, which he did.

In other basketball news, Dave Odom, coach of the University of South Carolina men's team, coached what he has said will be his last game. The Gamecocks nearly beat Tennessee, which has been ranked as high as number 1 this year, in the SEC tournament. Bobby Knight, who retired in the middle of the season, paid tribute to Odom's character during halftime of an ESPN tournament broadcast.

Thanks for reading. There will, no doubt, be more interesting basketball news soon.


Keetha said...

Oh - - - - how about the BB news that gale force winds, possibly a twister, tore a gaping HOLE in the upper side of the Georgia Dome last evening during OT of the Bama - Miss. State Game!?!? The last few minutes of that game were delayed for over an hour before the Bulldogs of State finished off the Tide. Furthermore, the SECOND game of the evening was postponed and as of late last night no one even knew where it would be held!!!

If its not ONE kind of College Hoops excitement, it is another.

Russell Purvis said...


I'm responding to your response to my creation and the strong post.

Your first point might be right, I'll have to double check my sources.

The second point needs some explaining. I do not deny that natural selection happens and happened. I am not an expert in it either. What I am proposing is theological. Why not instead of stealing and fighting each other, create a new reality of love and helping each other. Maybe there is an example outside of humanity that you can show me. I would like to know if there is, or is not.

I know I didn't define what I think of evolution clearly, partly becuase I am still unsure of my stance on it and how little I am in knowledge about it. I think I mentioned that I MIGHT be an evolutionist. Then again, I am a religion student and not in the science field, so I am constantly in need of correction.

Thanks for your post.

Martin LaBar said...

Yep, there are things more important than basketball, Keetha, even during March madness.

Thanks, Russell. I agree that anyone who bases their theology on natural selection has the wrong foundation. I'm not surprised that you have some areas where you aren't sure what's going on. So do I.

Keetha said...

22 and still winning!!! Now they've beaten the LAKERS!!! Go Rockets.

Martin LaBar said...

Yep. They did.

I think McGrady didn't score in the first half, which makes the win sound even more amazing, or more like a real serious team effort.

Keetha said...

I don't watch NBA, but this story has caught my attention. I think it HAS to be team effort. I say "you go!!!" to the Rockets. Hope they can keep it up.

Martin LaBar said...

Well, they have, until March 18th, when they lost to the Celtics (in Houston).

Thanks for reading, and for your comment.