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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunspots 171

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

An article in Slate says that there may be a link between TV watching in the very young, and autism.

Wired on converting autos already on the road to hybrids.

The New Yorker on how lawns aren't such a good thing.

From an article in a New York Times blog, by Olivia Judson, on known cases of changes in populations of animals over the last 40 years: "This study is one of the most intriguing I’ve come across. It suggests that arrival in a new environment can result in dramatic changes to an organism within fewer than 40 lifetimes." The study she is referring to is on a population of lizards introduced to a tiny island, which seem to have rapidly evolved toward more efficient digestion of plant material.

Congratulations to Nancy Lieberman, who played for the Detroit Shock, of the Women's National Basketball Association, at age 50, and did a credible job on the floor.

From Microsoft, an article: "Get maximum performance from Windows Vista."

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Keetha said...

Go check out my Friday Aug. 1 post - - - - - -

Martin LaBar said...

Yes. I saw that. I'm sorry, but I didn't comment on it.