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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Revealing Christ

I recently had the privilege of hearing Pastor Kerry Willis present, to a small group, what he said was his main theme, namely demonstrating Christ's presence. He used Galatians 1:15-16, which says, in part: ". . . God . . . called me by his grace, 16 To reveal his Son in me . . ."* As Willis says, on his blog's main page (see previous link) "I only exist so that Christ can manifest Himself in/through me."

Willis also used the familiar story of the call of Isaiah, in chapter 6. He emphasized verse 8, wherein God asked Isaiah who would go for Him, and Isaiah responded that he, Isaiah, would. Willis said that that response was a good one. Isaiah didn't say "here's my agenda. I'll go." He just said that he would go. Willis said that we, Christ's servants, need to go, showing Christ to others. That's God's plan. Some other things are human plans.

Willis illustrated, using his trip from Virginia to South Carolina. He said that he had packed an SUV with his and his wife's luggage, and with his preaching references, but the vehicle had trouble, and he had to go back and take a smaller one, costing him about an hour. He said that he wondered what God had in store for him -- who was he supposed to show Christ to that day? He said that that answer was two children beside the road, who were having a yard sale, of their own toys. Willis believes that God arranged things so that he would take that particular exit, at that particular time, so that he could speak to those kids. No one else was buying anything. The toys were old and of little or no value. But Willis bought one, paying more than was asked, and told them that he had been sent there to tell them that Jesus loved them.

May I represent Christ to someone, each day of my life.

Thanks for reading. Try Willis's blog. The entries tend to be a lot shorter than for this one.

*(KJV. The ASV is very similar. So is the NIV, which is not public domain. I usually use the ESV, but, in this case, it uses "to," rather than "in," in verse 16, with "in" given as an alternate reading. The point I am trying to make requires "in.")


i am Grateful... Kerry i am. said...

I am humbled, may Jesus be honored... Bless you Martin. kerry

Martin LaBar said...

Indeed. Thanks, Kerry I am.