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Monday, September 07, 2009

Writing music for monkeys

On September 2nd, National Public Radio broadcast a story on an accomplished cello player who decided to see if he could compose music that would cause a reaction in tamarin monkeys. The first link in this post will send you to a description of what the composer did, and you can play music he composed (brief -- less than a minute total), and recorded, which was, indeed, said to cause a reaction in the monkeys.

One question brought up in the story was the question of what music is and isn't. You will understand why some might raise that question if you play the music. Don't ask me to sort that one out.


George said...

The "calm" selection sounded like the composer tried to reproduce monkey sounds. Actually, that wasn't too bad. The "fear" selection had the same effect on me as on the monkeys... it made me move through my environment... away from the speakers. Not my kind of music.

Martin LaBar said...

No. It will never make the top 40.