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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sun and Shield: Where it comes from

Psalm 84:11 with bread background

You are looking at my blog, Sun and Shield. What is the source of that title? Here you see it, in poster form.

The background of this chart is a scanned bagel. That's right, scanned. I just lay it on the scanner and scanned it, rather than photographing it. Perhaps not a smart thing to do -- crumbs might have caused some damage to the scanner. I used bread to represent good things. I first made a poster like this by using chocolate cake (not scanned, photographed!), but decided that I wasn't really sure whether chocolate cake was a good thing for me.

I constructed this poster with the Corel X4 Graphics Suite. If you really want a higher resolution version of this graphic, the graphic, itself, is a link to our Flickr photostream, where there is an "all sizes" button just above the graphic, I believe. Feel free to use this, provided that the use is not for any commercial purpose.

This is my life verse. It has promises, and, of course, also an important condition. I hope that I meet it. With God's help, I do.

Thanks for reading, and looking.


George said...

You do, Dr. L., which is why you have had such an impact on my life.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, George. I hope so.