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Sunday, April 18, 2010

We don't know all the answers!

Surely the Christian pastor ought to acknowledge that this is a matter upon which Evangelicals can and do hold widely divergent views? And it’s an abuse, not a fulfilment, of the pastoral calling to behave as if it were otherwise. Here the truth is “we don’t know all the answers”—even if, perhaps, we think we should. (Emphasis added.)

The above quotation was taken from a blog post about origins. But you could substitute a lot of things for "this," such as speaking in tongues, use of alcohol, women in the ministry, eternal security, church government, the Trinity, and interpretation of end-times prophecy. The author goes on to speak about a case where Paul, himself, didn't really answer a question -- an important question -- for the Corinthian church, and takes that as justification for not always knowing all the answers, or even expecting to. I agree.

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