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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunspots 267

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Science:(and religion) The Institute for Creation Research has an article which indicates, with evidence given, that, if anything, the incidence of earthquakes has declined slightly over the last century or so.

(or something) The New York Times reports that some law schools are inflating the grades of their students. In some cases, it's not by allowing professors to award more A's, but by the institution changing grades for classes already finished. The law schools hope this helps their graduates to get jobs.

Wired lets us know why, when so much is wireless, we still have power cords.

Jan has a fine post on "bumper sticker scriptures," that is, scriptures that are often quoted out of context, or reduced to sound bites.

Merissa presents a good object lesson on sponges. (The kind you clean with.)

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Keetha Denise Broyles said...

You left a comment about my Aunt Ferol. Yes, she was my mom's sister. I will be posting a picture of my cousin Doug, her son, today.

I believe we've seen a few others you would know - - - Gwen and Owen S. of Hayward, Mary Thrash. of Whitefish, Wendall and Lois Boo. now of Stone Lake.

Obviously I purposely didn't finish the spellings of the last names since this is a public forum - - - but I'm pretty sure you can read the missing parts, if not - - - send me an e-mail and I will reply in full.

We are certainly enjoying our state-wide "tour."

Hiking near Mount Pisgah today.

Martin LaBar said...

Yes. I know who you are speaking of. Thanks. One of them participated in my mother's funeral.