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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Some alternative ways to control global warming

Even Cal Thomas, who says he doesn't believe in global warming, says that we need to cut our dependence on petroleum. But there are some other suggestions, radical, but perhaps less expensive, and more doable, for combating global warming.

James Lovelock has suggested that we fertilize upper layers of some parts of the ocean, using vertical pipes to bring nutrients from lower parts. The resulting increase in photosynthesis would lower the Carbon Dioxide content of the atmosphere.

Another possibility, proposed by a Russian climatologist who has since died, is to add sulfate aerosols to the atmosphere, which would cut down on the amount of light reaching the earth's surface, which, in turn, would mean less heating from the sun.

Perhaps the most radical, but seemingly feasible, idea is to fire millions of small mirrors into space, so that they come between the sun and the earth. This, again, would cut down on the amount of light reaching the earth.

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