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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alive when the sun has cease to provide energy

The fires of the sun shall be quenched at last,
And the steadfast stars be gone;
But souls of the ransomed shall live in strength,
And they still shall be going on.

Going on, going on,
They still shall be going on;
Forever and aye, through eternal day,
They still shall be going on.

As souls that remember and feel and thrill,
We shall live when seas are dry;
As separate beings, to love and will,
We shall live, nevermore to die.

From glory to glory our path shall be,
And from grace to perfect grace;
Through all the wide years of eternity,
We shall look on our dear Lord’s face.

Refrain revised: Going on, going on,
We still shall be going on;
Forever and aye, through eternal day,
We still shall be going on.

- "Going On," by Jessie Brown Pounds, public domain, written about 1900.

At this time, of course, it was impossible for Ms. Pounds to know about the nuclear reactions that provide the energy that we rely on so much. But no matter -- that first verse is a remarkable thought!

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