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Sunday, November 28, 2010

"May this house be filled with praise"

Blessed God, we bow in worship
May this house be filled with praise,
As we turn our eyes on Jesus
Dwell upon His earthly days.
With His blood He paid the ransom,
Broke our fetters, set us free,
Blessed Saviour, Thy salvation
Saves for all eternity*.

Voices then we all lift heavenward
To the Lord of all Supreme
And like one of old in Scripture
In the temple in a dream.
Cherubim are there before Him,
Seraphim surround and sing,
O this wonder of all wonders
Jesus now is Lord and King.

This poem was written as a hymn. It may be sung to Galilee, or other tunes. “Jesus Calls Us” is a hymn sung to that tune. Words by Franklin Hunter, 2002, but, according to this source, “released into the public domain.”

*I suggest changing these two lines to:
Blessed Saviour, we should praise You,
Praise for all eternity.

Thanks for reading.

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