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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spiritual Gifts: Chart

Spiritual gift lists

The above is a chart of the spiritual gifts, listed by Paul.

The lists are in Ephesians 4:11, Romans 12:6-8, and 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. I don't know why he presented us with three different lists. I used the English Standard Version and the King James in compiling this comparison. Other versions may differ a little in wording. I don't have a lot to say about this, but will make a few remarks:

1) These are gifts, not talents or abilities, like having special musical ability, or being a good plumber. Such qualities may also enhance God's kingdom, but they don't seem to be what Paul had in mind as gifts. See Exodus 35:30 and the following chapters for a description of the work of artisans on the Tabernacle. The Bible says that at least one of these artisans was specially called, and that two of them were also to teach others their skills. That sort of ability may enhance what God has called some Christians to do. However,
2) The church (see quotes in the chart) is the body of Christ -- the believers -- not one or more buildings.
3) Prophecy, as I understand it, was not just predicting the future. Much of what the Biblical prophets did would now be considered preaching. That's the only gift in all three lists, so it must be important.
4) Teaching is also important.
5) I think that "giving aid" and "leading" are more Christ-like than "ruling," as we now understand that word.

The chart is a hyperlink to this picture, in my Flickr photostream. From there, you may be able to see/use it in a larger size.

Thanks for looking!


FancyHorse said...

It's good to see it all in one place like this!

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, FancyHorse. I know that you have seen this on Flickr, too.

Nikki Benz said...

Our spiritual gifts Inventory is a discovery tool that provides you with a personalized analysis.Knowing your spiritual gifts will enable you to find your place of ministry in the local church.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Nikki. Perhaps some would find this useful.