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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sunspots 478

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:
Computing: Gizmo's Freeware on how to search Twitter feeds without having a Twitter account.
Health: National Public Radio reports that prescriptions of strong painkillers vary widely from state to state, indicating that they are being seriously over-prescribed in some areas. The report also indicates that overdoses of prescription drugs kill more people than traffic accidents.

This is not to belittle stress -- it can be all too real. But it turns out that two of the most widely known areas of research into stress were funded by tobacco interests, which, way back in the 1930s, hoped to show that stress, not smoking, caused cancer and heart troubles, NPR reports.

Politics: NPR reports that the, er, Ethics Committee of the U. S. Congress has made it more difficult to find out how many trips members, or their staff, take, which are paid for by lobbyists or special interests.
A Christian commentator, in Relevant, points out that Hobby Lobby is selective in acting out the Christian beliefs of the owners, and, perhaps, even hypocritical.

Science: Wired tells us why the earphone/mouse/power/whatever cords get tangled so often.
My wife and I saw our first monkey puzzle tree. It looks weird, and that's a great name.

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