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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sunspots 591

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Christianity: Benjamin L. Corey explains how God can change His mind (there are several examples in the Bible) and still be unchanging.

Relevant discusses the meaning of "lukewarm."

A Christianity Today columnist discusses the church's indifference to the working, white, poor in the US.

Health: Scientific American on why leisure, naps, sabbaticals and vacations are so important.

Politics: (or something) FiveThirtyEight examines the so-called "skills gap" -- companies claiming that they can't find workers with the proper skills -- and finds that it's mostly imaginary.

Science: FiveThirtyEight on why it's so hard to find other planets like the earth.

ListVerse on amazing facts about babies.

FiveThirtyEight on earthquakes in Oklahoma, and the oil and gas industries.

Scientific American and other sources report that there is not one, but four different species of giraffe (and several subspecies) according to recent DNA analysis. Most of these are endangered.

Scientific American also reports on a study that shows that children raised by permissive parents, or harsh parents, are more likely to be bullies than children raised by parents who are neither.

An animated guide to breathing, in humans, birds, and insects.

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FancyHorse said...

Interesting article about God's unchangeable nature. I agree. Most of the times when He seemed to "change His mind", it was in response to humans' repentence, and He will always forgive when we repent.

While I was on that page, I read the link about Colin Kaepernick. I'll write my thoughts about that on my own blog, since it wasn't one of your topics.

Martin LaBar said...

I think you are right about repentance. Thanks.

I checked your blog on Kaepernick, and will try to follow you. I thought I was, but apparently not.