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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sunspots 613

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Christianity: Relevant on avoiding the Gospel of Comfort.

A Washington Post columnist on what the Bible says about immigration. (Some Christian leaders say it has nothing to do with that subject!)

Food: Relevant says that Valentine candy may be supporting exploitation of the poor in other parts of the world.

Health: The National Gardening Association has posted a Garden Planting Calendar. You enter your location.

Scientific American reports that being affected by a traffic jam makes it more likely that you will engage in domestic violence.

History: Scientific American points out that people of African descent, including women other than those shown in Hidden Figures, have been part of space exploration for decades.

Humor: (not really) ListVerse reports on why we are afraid of clowns.

Politics: FiveThirtyEight points out that raising the minimum wage usually doesn't affect waitresses and other workers who depend on tips.

Relevant reports that Amnesty International claims that 17,000 people have been wrongfully put to death in Syria, by the court system, from 2011-2015.

FiveThirtyEight discusses four types of constitutional crisis, with examples.

Science: National Public Radio reports that scientists have begun using DNA that wild pigs leave behind, to find out where they live, so that they can be destroyed. They are serious pests.

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FancyHorse said...

I liked the article about immigration, what I've been saying for years. I'd like to copy and paste it to my blog. I am disappointed in Franklin Graham, and while I still support the Christmas Child project every year, I do so less enthusiastically than before last year's campaign.

I did not know that about chocolate; it makes me sad. I'll be careful what brands of chocolate I buy now.

I always enjoyed clowns when I was a child, at the circus and on TV. They were my favorite acts, but I was never up close and personal with them.

Martin LaBar said...

I agree with you about Franklin Graham and Operation Christmas Child. But I guess we are all disappointing to someone.

I've never been scared of clowns.

I had no idea about chocolate, either.

Thanks for your comments.