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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sunspots 635

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

The Arts: Listverse tells us about the original Star Trek characters, 10 of them.

Christianity: Perry Noble, fired from the pastorate of what is probably the largest church in South Carolina, because of his alcohol use, almost committed suicide.

Christianity Today on why racially uniform congregations are unfortunate, and why we integrated worship is a good thing.

(Sort of) Relevant reports that a human chain rescued some people from drowning, caused by a riptide, on a beach in Florida.

Education: Scientific American reports that college students would do better if they didn't bring laptop computers to class.

Food: (and religion) Relevant reports that the Catholic church refuses to use gluten-free wafers as part of communion.

Health: (sort of) Listverse tells 10 true horror stories of medical malpractice.

Scientific American reports that most people have at least one episode of mental illness some time in their life, and most of us recover from such episodes.

Listverse discusses some interesting facts about breast implants.

Politics: (or something) The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group is composed of 90 large cities, from around the globe, who are attempting to mitigate climate change. It was interesting to discover, in the list of members, huge cities that I had not heard of.

Christianity Today reports that there will be a lot less Christians immigrating to the US in 2017 than did in 2016, because of the Trump administration's policies on admission.

National Public Radio reports that six Afghan girls, formerly refused visas by the US State Department, have been allowed to participate in a robotics competition in the US. President Trump evidently intervened on their behalf.

I didn't choose the title of this post, in the Village Voice, but it's a sane and sobering corrective to the political strife that most of us engage in.

Michael Gerson, Washington Post: "A faith that makes losing a sin will make cheating a sacrament."

Science: Scientific American on how babies perceive and distinguish colors.

Nature reports that scientists have figured out how to store a brief, low-resolution movie in bacterial DNA.

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FancyHorse said...

All good articles; you do find some treasures! I saw the article about the human chain rescue in Florida - very inspiring and heart-warming.

I had not heard of the C40 cities group. That's very encouraging. I was surprised that Atlanta was not on the list, but then it would have to be 41!

Very sad that fewer Christian refugees are admitted to the U. S. I hadn't seen any publicity about this; I wonder what the President's Christian supporters will make of it.

The one about laptop computers in class makes sense. I know I get a lot less of my work done when I spend time on my computer or my smartphone, mostly playing games and reading Facebook!

Martin LaBar said...

Thank you.

I don't think Atlanta is large enough to be a member of the C40. Population has to be about 3 million, I believe.

I'm afraid that many of Mr. Trump's supporters just want to keep people from coming to the US, regardless of their beliefs.

Weekend Fisher said...

Wow, I was opening the comment box to say "I read that post from the Village Voice, what a great article, wish everyone would read it." ...

... I hesitate to say it but: I don't know a single Trump supporter who lives down to that comment.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

Martin LaBar said...

Thank you, Anne. We all need our attitudes examined.