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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Some important uses of the number three

Three (3) poster with border 
Some important uses of the number three.

Perhaps the most important use of the number three is in naming the Trinity. Do I understand the Trinity? Certainly not. In the so-called "love chapter," Paul said that there were three things which would endure beyond time, namely faith, hope and love. In addition, the US has three branches of government; there are three germ layers in embryonic development in vertebrates; there are three primary colors, and normal people have three types of cone cells in their eyes, which receive light of these three kinds; there are three commonly discussed states of matter (there is actually a fourth such state); monocot reproductive structures have three-fold symmetry (see here) -- monocots, including wheat, rice, maize/corn, and other plants, are very important to humans.

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1 comment:

Martin LaBar said...

My brother the musician informs me that "in sacred music of the Renaissance, music in triple meter (e.g., 3/4) was considered 'tempus perfectum,' or perfect meter, as it related to the Trinity."

I thank him. I didn't know that.