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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Orual and Eugene Peterson

I was going to delete the subscription to my Bloglines search for "C. S. Lewis," after seeing another depressing list of a couple dozen hits, most of which weren't (to me) worth reading. But I won't yet. This morning's search turned up an autobiographical testimony of a young man whose repentance and redemption came, in part, because he identified with Orual of Lewis' Till We Have Faces. His blog also led me to an interview with Eugene H. Peterson, who says, among a lot of other things, that "I think relevance is a crock. I don't think people care a whole lot about what kind of music you have or how you shape the service. They want a place where God is taken seriously, where they're taken seriously, where there is no manipulation of their emotions or their consumer needs."

Jaspax, the author of the autobiography cited above, who was raised as a charismatic, also posted a link to something called The Icon Faq, a scripture-based defense of the use of icons in Orthodox religion. Charismatic and Orthodox Christianity are both foreign to me!

This wasn't what I was going to post today, but never mind . . .

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