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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Work and Retirement, 2

I've been a bit ill, so not much of a post today.

My wife raised two points (bold) about yesterday's post, my admittedly idealized and unrealistic prescription for work in the US:
1) It was assembly lines, which is one type of work that may disconnect the worker from the end-product of labor, which made much of today's production and wealth possible.
My response: OK. Why didn't Henry Ford at least show the workers a few cars every week or so? She said that perhaps he did. Perhaps so.

2) Speculation may really be productive work. A speculator may at least be making a living.
Obviously, it depends on what is meant by productive. I don't understand day-trading, futures, and the like. I have a suspicion that most or all of these amount to a form of gambling, and don't really increase the value of anything, but I stand to be corrected.
This is probably oversimple, but one of the problems with Enron was that they weren't really producing anything.


Brandy said...

Dr. Labar,
Does your wife blog also?

April said...

I hope you get to feeling better. It must be pretty bad since there's no post for today. Take care.

Martin LaBar said...

Referring to the above comments, thanks to both of you.
1) No, she doesn't. She sometimes reads or looks at something I have done, or someone else has done.
2) I'm fine. It lasted one day, whatever it was.