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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A couple of pictures

Hearts-a-busting is a small bush that grows in the woods in upstate South Carolina and elsewhere. The fruit, although it is small, is spectacular. Here's a picture:

Hearts a bustin

Way back on May 19th, I posted a picture of a small flower that's a member of the Aster or Composite family, to which daisies, thistles, goldenrod, and a great many more flowers belong. Two people, one from the UK, and one from somewhere near Lake Erie, were kind enough to comment, and state that the same flower, colts foot, grew there, too. Well, it grows in Washington state, too, I find, but this picture was taken here in upstate South Carolina, where some of the flowers are starting to mature. The basic function of almost all flowers, after all, is reproduction.

Colts foot flowers, old and new

Thanks for reading, and looking!

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