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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Travel Hiatus & prayer request

I referred to our daughter's military status earlier.

She has now been deployed, not to Iraq, but to a base about six hours away. Her husband has been caring for our now one-year-old grandson, but his job requires him to travel, so my wife and I are planning to travel West for an indeterminate period, beginning in a couple of days. (She may be deployed to Iraq sometime. There are, of course, other military families in much worse separation situations.)

Pray, please, that every detail of our preparation, journey, and living elsewhere will be what He wants it.

I don't expect to post as regularly, probably for the next couple of months. Will probably do so occasionally.

Thanks for reading.

Addendum: October 28, 2006

Thanks to anyone who prayed. It was a great experience for us, and, we hope, for our grandson and his parents.


Ish said...

We're here for you, and remembering you in prayer. Stand strong, and I pray that the Lord will keep you and your family in the palm of his hand.

Laura said...

Just want ya to know that I'll be praying for you. I'm not sure if you'll be at Homecoming now, but if you are hopefully I'll get to see you.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks to both of you!

Bonnie said...

Martin, I'm praying for you all.