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Monday, November 06, 2006

A Model for Christian political blogging: Philiphronos

Laura, at Pursuing Holiness, posted a challenge to those who blog about political issues, and claim to be Christians. She quotes from I Peter 3:14-16, which includes: "However, make your defense with gentleness and respect." (I'm not sure which version she is using.) Then, she says:

If we are called to make our defense of our faith with gentleness and respect, how much more should we do so with respect to minor issues like the politics of our nation or any of the temporary governments of this world?


A good plan. I don't think I major in politics here at Sun and Shield, but it comes up occasionally. I hope I have followed this pattern, and I intend to do so from now on.

Laura, who is working in conjunction with another blogger, invites other bloggers to join them in various ways, for example by adding the Philiphronos blog to your blogroll. Instructions (which may not work for all blog platforms) are included.

I thank Bonnie, of Intellectuelle, for the link to this material.

Thanks for reading.


Michael said...

I am certain that it will be with gentleness and respect that Jesus bids: "Depart from me you workers of iniquity..." and it will be gladly recieved.

Martin LaBar said...

Wow. What a thought!

I expect you are right about Jesus. I'm not so sure about the response.

Thanks for the comment.