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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Movie about Esther -- no Hathach?

I haven't seen "One Night With the King," which is currently showing in some theaters, and is about the story of Esther. We may see it. The Christianity Today review indicates that the movie probably puts too much peripheral material into the story, rather than concentrating on what actually happened. (The reviewer does recognize that lots of interesting things that really must have happened aren't in the Bible.) The review indicates that the production company is Christian, and gives them good marks for production values/artistic merit.

One thing I was interested in is whether Hathach, the eunuch, is part of the movie's story. Apparently, based on the IMDB cast list, he isn't. That's interesting, because, although most Christians (and probably Jews) don't seem to realize it, he played a critical part in the story, according to the Bible.

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John Dekker said...

Maybe they've got something against eunuchs...

Martin LaBar said...

Maybe so.

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John Dekker said...

I'm also looking forward to The Nativity Story.