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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pray for Southern California, USA

Pray for Southern California, USA

This is Mt. San Miguel, in San Diego County, California, taken today.

This photo was taken by a relative who lives in San Diego County. It isn't the best quality ever, but it makes a point. You can get some idea of the height of those flames from the distance -- he was perhaps 4 miles/6 km away when he took the photo. (May have used the zoom function.) Radio stations, and public safety, have towers on this mountain. At least some of these have stopped functioning. Our relative may be evacuating soon.

People in Southern California need prayer. The Santa Ana winds are supposed to gust up to over 30 mph/40 kph today. The humidity is less than 5%. Over 250,000 people have been evacuated in San Diego County alone. Many roads are closed, because of the fires.

There are other fires in Southern California, too.

Thanks to another relative, for suggesting that I post this, and ask for prayer.


Rob Rumfelt said...

I was born and raised in SoCal though I now live in Arizona. This is by far the worst situation I've ever seen there. My wife and I were in the San Diego area 2 weeks ago and I remember thinking how dry and dangerous the hills around there looked. And now to hear that at least one of the fires was intentionally set. Sad.

I will pray, too.

Martin LaBar said...

Thank you very much! Prayer is what is needed.

From the news, it seems that things may be somewhat better today (10/25). But, at best, people are having to cope with dust on their belongings, in the air, and, in some cases, homes or businesses that are gone.