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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Not a Shock

Congratulations (grudgingly -- I didn't much admire Bill Laimbeer, their coach, when he played for the NBA Detroit Pistons) to the Detroit Shock of the Women's National Basketball Association, who won the league championship today.

The Shock played hard. Laimbeer and his staff are good coaches. With one starter injured, and unable to play, and another one who probably shouldn't have because of an injury, the team swept the San Antonio Silver Stars in three games. Katie Smith, who has more career points than any other U. S. women's pro player, was a brilliant shooter, and was great on defense, too. Deanna Nolan was also splendid at both ends. Taj McWilliams-Franklin, who was acquired to fill in the gaps caused by injury, and will soon be 38 years old, played effectively on offense and defense. At the end of the game, she honored her husband, who, she said, has supported her through a career that hadn't included a championship, and has included playing for some pretty discouraging teams.

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