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Friday, October 31, 2008

Green Bible released

A Green Bible, highlighting passages relating to environmental stewardship, and with essays on the topic, has been published, according to ABC News. The version is the New Revised Standard Version. Here's the website for the book.

Interesting. I haven't seen one yet.


Keetha said...

Greg had a green Bible once - - - well, the leather cover was green anyway - - -

Martin LaBar said...

Not like this one, apparently.


Matthew Tietje said...

Contributions by Brian McLaren & "Big names from around the religious spectrum" - interesting...

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Matthew. I confess that I don't know who Brian McLaren is. I may get me one of these.

Matthew Tietje said...

McLauren is the leading name in the Emerging Church movement - in my opinion, a very frightening thing due, again in my opinion, to a very low view of scripture as the actual authoritative word of God. Here's the link to the Wikipedia entry:

Keetha said...

I have my own reservations about the Emerging Church movement based on the effects I witnessed it having in the life of our youngest daughter. Let me just say, it didn't appear to be helping her deepen her spiritual walk.

Yes Dr. LaBar - - - Greg's Green Bible was only that in leather color. My idea of a tiny little "green" joke.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, both of you.

If the Green Bible is actually a vehicle for spreading a low view of scripture, which it may be, then that's a bad thing.

As I see it, there's plenty of "green" material in the Bible as it would be interpreted by a person who takes a very careful and serious view of scripture.

Don Bosch said...

Hey, Bro -

Also trying to get a copy to review. From what I gather it is a study Bible that highlights scriptures that speak to God's handiwork and authority over creation, Christian stewardship of creation, etc. Christian eco-bloggers like myself have been highlighting these scriptures for years.

Use of the NASV as the translation for this edition is troubling. It has a reputation for ecumenical (i.e. liberal, feminist) theology. I wouldn't use it for exegesis, but as a handy reference for Christians interested in creation care it might work well.

Grace and Peace,
Don Bosch
The Evangelical Ecologist

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for your comment, Don Bosch. I appreciate the work of your organization/publication.