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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Romans 1:20b poster: God's revelation through nature

Romans 1:20 poster

This is an attempt to illustrate Romans 1:20b (ESV), wherein God indicates that He reveals Himself to us through nature.

That's not the only way God is revealed. I would say that Christ, Himself, is the most important way, and that the Holy Spirit, the Bible, our conscience, and the church, are other ways that God is revealed.

The original photo is on our Flickr photostream. ESV copyright information is here.

I have previously blogged about this verse. One such attempt is here. In that post, I argue that, if God reveals Himself through nature, it is important that we keep nature as beautiful and diverse as possible, because, if we don't, we are making it more difficult for God to reveal Himself to us.

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Julana said...

That is so pretty.
I spent my early years in the foothills of SE Ohio's Appalachian region. I miss the hills.

Martin LaBar said...

Hills are great!