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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Global Warming: Karl Zimmer deflates national columnist George Will

I don't know, absolutely, whether there is global warming or not. I don't know, absolutely, whether human activity has had, and is going to continue to have, an effect on climate. But I also don't know, of my own knowledge, whether, say, Ephesians or Nahum are translated correctly, or even should be considered to be inspired. I have to take the word of experts in the fields of the history of the Bible, and of Bible translation. Similarly, I have to take the word of experts in climate research, who, almost without exception, tell us that, for sure, there is global warming. They tell us that the eleven hottest years ever recorded occurred since 1990. They tell us that the polar ice caps are measurably smaller than they used to be.

I recently posted on an unfortunate episode, wherein some global warming scientists apparently tried to conspire to keep what might have been contrary evidence from being published. (See here for my take, with two links to important related items.)

I read George Will's recent syndicated column on this subject, published in the Washington Post, as our local newspaper presented it. Will is a famous global warming skeptic. Today, Karl Zimmer, probably the most important science writer of our time, has analyzed Will's facts, and found them to be seriously wanting, based on misinterpretation and, in some cases, seriously in error, both of which Zimmer documents.

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