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Friday, December 11, 2009

Todd's Blog

I have recently begun subscribing to Todd's Blog, the blog of Todd Wood, a confirmed, and unabashed, Young-Earth Creationist who currently works as a science professor at Bryan College.

Unlike so many Young-Earth Creationists (and those who hold all kinds of other views on origins) Todd Wood clearly understands that there has been far too much propaganda and general screaming at those who don't agree with whoever is speaking. He makes an appeal for sanity and careful presentation of confirmed facts and truth in his latest post. He also has posted a cutting review of Benjamin Wiker's The Darwin Myth, which, Mr. Wood says, is mostly a myth, in spite of rave reviews from various Christians. (I haven't read the book.)

I don't agree with Wood on some important issues, but he is doing a real service, and I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, his blog doesn't allow comments.

Read "Todd's Blog."


atlibertytosay said...

I read it ... thanks for pointing us to it.

I was most convinced by going to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. It actually converted me.

There is hard, deep, well worded science mixed with a slight bit of "get saved" message there.

I'll post my review of the Creation Museum soon on

Martin LaBar said...

Glad you went to his blog, atlibertytosay.

Thanks for commenting.