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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunspots 244

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Carl Zimmer writes about an important human protein that started out as a virus. There are probably a lot of these.

NPR has a report on the Arctic Oscillation, which explains why Europe has recently had a bad cold spell.

NPR reports an organization that is monitoring the matter of how well President Obama is doing at keeping his campaign promises.

A blogger is not happy about Pat Robertson, and his claim that the recent earthquake was because Haiti made a pact with Satan. The blogger quotes scripture to back up his unhappiness.

Kerry i am has posted eight "I can'ts" of ministry.

Image source (public domain)


Julana said...

Pat Robertson's comments do not reflect the viewpoints of a large group of people, any more, to they? So he has a right to his opinion. But he should retire and keep it off the air.

Martin LaBar said...

Apparently there are enough to keep him going. And, for all I know, most of what he says is fine. I only get him second or third hand. But he shouldn't have said this.