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Monday, March 28, 2011

Animal Death before the Fall, considered again

I have previously posted on the topic of animal death before the Fall. I have concluded, and I am not alone in this, that death of animals before the Fall was, indeed, possible, and would not contradict what the Bible says on the subject. I recently read an article by an author new to me, named Jay Wiles. Wiles, who is a self-confessed young-earth creationist, and apparently a fairly prominent one, argues, using the original languages of scripture (which I am not competent to do) that death, animal death, may well have occurred before the Fall. Wiles points out that most young-earth creationists do not accept this, but he argues that they are wrong. Those who claim that there was no death before the Fall often use this as an argument against the origin of changes in organisms by natural selection. Natural selection requires that some organisms die (or at least don't reproduce very well) so that if there was no death until after humans came about, natural selection couldn't account for much of the variety of organisms. Wiles does not believe that major changes could have occurred in living things, because there hasn't been enough time in earth's history for such changes, not because he believes that there wasn't non-human death before the Fall.

I have posted on this subject before. In this post, I refer to another article on the subject, and link to it. In this post, I claim that God does not like human death. In this post, and this one, I discuss the topic of death before the Fall as related to A Biblical Case for an Old Earth, by David Snoke.

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Anonymous said...

That's a tough one, since there is no agreement on how old the earth is, and much less on the dating of Adam and Eve and the Fall. Tricky territory. I guess we have to wait on the Lord to return and teach us many things.

Martin LaBar said...

Yes. Thanks, superrustyfly.