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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get Low: Searching for Redemption

My wife and I watched Get Low, a film starring Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Lucas Black, and a fine supporting cast. I will try not to give away much of the plot, but will say a little. The title comes from dying -- Felix Bush (Duvall) has been a recluse outside a small town somewhere in the Midwest (sometime in the 1930s, I would guess) for about forty years, but wants, somehow, to get forgiveness for his past. He tells funeral directors Murray and Black that he wants not a funeral, but a party, a time when people can tell stories about him, while he hears them. But what he really wants is to tell his own story. He does. There are religious overtones. Bush is told that he must ask forgiveness in order to get it, and that he must ask it of God. It is not clear, to me, at least, that he ever really does that, but he does ask forgiveness of one person.

The dialogue is great, and so is the acting. There are no car chases, and no scenes of too much exposed flesh. A good, well-made movie. I'm glad we saw it.

For the AllMovie review of the film, go here. For the Christianity Today review, go here. (CT also ranked the film as third in its list of the ten most redeeming films of 2010.)

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