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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Christmas Child, by George MacDonald


"Little one, who straight hast come
Down the heavenly stair,
Tell us all about your home,
And the father there."

"He is such a one as I,
Like as like can be.
Do his will, and, by and by,
Home and him you'll see."

- George MacDonald, from Poetical Works of George MacDonald, volume 2, from Project Gutenberg (public domain).


Weekend Fisher said...

You know, that's really like '' that close already to fitting the meter for Brahm's lullaby. Just a few tweaks ...

Little one, straight has come
Down the heavenly stair
Tell us all 'bout your home
And the father there

[Here you'd have to add something to fill out the meter. Maybe:

Christ our King,
Christmas child,
Come to us and be with us.

Christ our King,
Christmas child,
Come and stay with us here.

(Though I'm not 100% satisfied with the last line)]


He is such a one as I,
Like as like can be
Do his will and by and by
His home and him you'll see

(& Fill out the meter with the "Christmas child" addition again)

It could work ...

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

If anyone actually wanted to use the little lines I'd added, I'll call them public domain.

Martin LaBar said...

I've seen (and heard) a lot worse.