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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sunspots 343

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Science:  (or Disasters) Video of an amazing disaster, in 1980, probably caused by a 14-inch oil drilling apparatus. More in Wikipedia, here.

Fox News reports that NASA may have found an earth-like planet, a long way from here.

Sports: (Sort of) An astronaut plays baseball against himself, hitting his own pitch, from Wired. (Short video included).

Computing: Fox News reports on how Facebook has been warned, and punished, for its use of information about users, without their consent.

Image source (public domain)


atlibertytosay said...

You'd be surprised at how many people on facebook willingly give their information over to these "free apps & games"

It's crazy. I've warned people several times and even shown how "free facebook game" maker Zynga actually generates $38 million a year in revenue.

How do they make money?

They are the #1 seller of consumer information in the U.S. now ~ surpassing facebook for such revenue.

Coincidentally, facebook is their #1 customer and revenue partner.

Martin LaBar said...

Yes, it's amazing how people trust Facebook, or don't care.

Thanks for the information, atlibertytosay.