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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sunspots 364

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Humor:  (and other grave subjects) Project Gutenberg has recently republished Curious Epitaphs, which was originally published in 1899. Here's a sample: 

Here lies, 
in a horizontal position, 
the outside case of
Thomas Hinde,
Clock and Watch-maker,
Who departed this life, wound up in hope of
being taken in hand by his Maker, and being
thoroughly cleaned, repaired, and set a-going
in the world to come,
On the 15th of August, 1836,
In the 19th year of his age.

We don't put nearly that much on a gravestone now.

Science: (and management, business, and dating) NPR reports on analysis of the use of the word "I," which reveals which person in an exchange of e-mails is of higher status. Analysis of pronoun use also predicts which speed daters will stick together.

(and politics, sort of) NPR also reports on the importance of Mangrove trees, and how Indonesian people are being persuaded to help conserve them.

Wired reports on the discovery of some amazing lava patterns on Mars.
The Arts: A young woman created a prom dress from corrugated cardboard and paper bags. (Warning -- for some reason, I could not see the picture, using the Windows Firefox browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome worked fine, though.)

Image source (public domain)

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atlibertytosay said...

When I went on a behind the scenes tour of DisneyWorld (Florida) in 2006 … Our tour guide said that the gravestones at the Haunted Mansion were thought to be funny and made-up but they were pulled from real inscriptions … campy … just like the one you pointed out. I can't quite remember, but I think the Guide even mentioned this publication that you refer to.

It was also interesting to note that they sometimes used to put incorrect dates of birth and death just to save space or because the stone chipped funny … IE … they liked to use 1's and, 6's, 9's and 0's more than 3,s, 5's, and 8's. More people had 6's and 9's on their tombstones because they were the same number depending on turn.

Martin LaBar said...

My guess is that the guide did mention this publication.

Interesting about the dates! Thanks!

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