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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Harold Camping, Rest in Peace

The Washington Post, and other outlets, report that Harold Camping, who predicted that Christ would return on May 21, 2011, and, thank God, later apologized for that prediction, has passed away.

There are two things we can be confident about, concerning end times:
1) Christ will return, and we should be ready for that.
2) We don't know when this will be.

Many Christians apparently have a strong desire to know more than that. We shouldn't succumb to that temptation. The previous paragraph tells us what Christ, Himself, told us, and that should be sufficient.

Some more food for thought, related to what some people want us to believe about Christ's return:
The word, "rapture," does not occur in the Bible.
The word, "anti-Christ" does not occur in Revelation.
The phrase, "seven years" does not occur in Revelation, either, even though the number seven occurs a few dozen times.
The nation of Israel, re-founded in 1948, may be related to Bible prophecy, (or may not) but the government discourages conversion to Christianity, and, in order to be classified as a Jew, a person does not have to so much as believe in God.

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atlibertytosay said...

Bible prophecy fascinates me - although I don't know if I'm tempted by determining dates.

I think it's clear that the clock is closer to midnight though.

While the things you mention that are not in Revelation, there are some things that could happen now that are mentioned that could not have happened by any other means than divine intervention. The end (or end times) will be a complete rejection of God - so just my opinion - the advances in technology and the falling away that seems to be greater and greater is a sign of the end.

That being said, the Bible prophecy about Christ's return is meant to say - be prepared for Christ's return YESTERDAY!

Martin LaBar said...


Yes, we are closer to the end than ever before, and we should be ready. Does technology (the Mark of the Beast is your cell phone, or an implanted chip) really signal that the end is near? I'm not sure.