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Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm thankful for sex

I’m thankful for sex. Without it, I wouldn’t be here, and neither would you. Yes, there are problems with sexual behavior in our society, and sexual behavior can be terribly warped. We should watch out for sexually oriented temptations. We should shun pornography of all types, exploitation of sex, treating others as sex objects, sexual slavery, adultery, and fornication. If you, or I, have sinned sexually, we can be forgiven for that, and, with God’s help, even be able to minimize some of the awful consequences of sexual sin on families.

We have a tendency to think of sexual sin as the only sin. It’s not. One of the other important sins is pride, including pride that we haven’t sinned sexually, or at least that we haven’t been caught, or pride in believing that sexual sins we are committing are above God’s moral law. Slander is another sin. Often it is spreading things we shouldn’t about the sexual behavior of others.

God’s plan, reinforced through the entire Bible, from the story of Adam and Eve to the portrayal of the church as the bride of Christ, is that sex, one of God’s good gifts to us, should be between a man and woman who are deeply committed to each other, and to Him.
Sex is one of the ways – not the only one – that binds spouses together. It helps to provide family stability for raising children.

Sexual reproduction causes our genes to be reshuffled each time someone is conceived. I have three legitimate full brothers, and we are all different, and the world is better off for it. Without sex, all people would have only one parent, and each of us would be knock-offs of that parent, much more predictable in appearance and behavior, as well as more prone to diseases, than the way we are. Humans would be less likely to produce the unexpected geniuses, often from humble beginnings, that help us all, in all sorts of ways. 

Sex is part of God’s plan for the world, and, treated correctly, it’s a blessing.

Thanks for reading!

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