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Friday, January 17, 2014

Debate: Bill Nye (The Science Guy) vs. Ken Ham

The BioLogos forum has a post on the upcoming debate between Bill Nye (The Science Guy, of TV fame) and Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis.

As the post points out, the debate is apparently going to assume that the Bible and science are diametrically opposed alternatives, and you have to choose one or the other. This unfortunately puts aside what Christians should really be, and are, opposed to -- naturalism, not evolution. (All Christians that I know of believe in at least some evolution.) The idea that the Bible and science are exclusive alternatives also puts aside the fact that Christians have different views of origins. And it puts aside scripture that indicates that God reveals Himself, in part, through what we can learn about nature. I don't know a lot about Bill Nye, and not much more about Ken Ham, but, whether Ham is right or wrong, he's going to get a lot more publicity, and a lot more contributions, if he claims that scientists are nothing but a bunch of God-hating atheists, than if he were to take a less strident tone. Some scientists are rabid atheists, of course, but most of them aren't.

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