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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Thomas à Kempis on the cross

Thomas à Kempis on the cross 
The above graphic is an attempt to set a quotation from Thomas à Kempis, in his classic The Imitation of Christ, into poster form. The quotation emphasizes the Cross -- the death of Christ. It is true, of course, that the resurrection of Christ is as, or more, important than His death, but His death, on the Cross, was crucial to our salvation, and to the possibility of living the Christian life.

Modified into current English, à Kempis said:
In the Cross is health, in the Cross is life, in the Cross is protection from enemies, in the Cross strength of mind, in the Cross joy of the spirit, in the Cross the height of virtue, in the Cross perfection of holiness. There is no health of the soul, no hope of eternal life, but in the Cross. Take up, therefore, your cross and follow Jesus, and you shall go into eternal life.

May it be so. Thanks for reading!

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