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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Sunspots 559

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

The Arts: The Piano Guys have fun, lots of it, with Pachelbel's Canon, here, and here (these are wildly different).
Christianity: BioLogos has a post on "Do Dinosaurs Go to Heaven?"

Christianity Today reports on the Morocco Declaration, the result of a meeting of many Muslim leaders, and some Christians, which Declaration ends thus: "it is unconscionable to employ religion for the purpose of aggressing upon the rights of religious minorities in Muslim countries."

Relevant asks why so many Christians are afraid of non-violence.

Ken Schenck has posted on what the Bible says about adultery.

Finance: ListVerse tells us how to launder money, or at least how criminals do it.

Health: (or Neurobiology) ListVerse told me 10 things that the brains of babies can do - I didn't know about them, and you probably don't, either.

reports on the difficulty of replacing the lead-containing water pipes in Flint, Michigan.

History: Listverse discusses 10 important battles, where the winners were actually worse off after winning.

Politics: In Sojourners: Why Liberals win the Culture Wars (Most of them, anyway).

Science: ListVerse has listed the 10 most important medical breakthroughs of 2015. I surely learned some interesting things from that list.

Wired reports on an insect that eats toads, gruesomely.

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