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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Jesus didn't use political action as a way to fix things.

I don't know why some of us, including me, sometimes, think that the way to fix the world is through politics. Jesus didn't try that. There were lots of poor people, but He didn't campaign for higher taxes on the rich to help them. The illegal aliens were running the country, but He didn't try to get rid of them. There weren't any Muslims yet, but there were Samaritans, and He got one of them to be an evangelist to her village, and told a story about the goodness of another Samaritan. The Romans had open carry, but the Jews didn't. There was slavery, and women were second-class citizens. He didn't try a political solution for any of these things. He helped individuals that He came across, lived a sinless life, and died and rose for our sins. That, plus training the disciples, was His way of attacking the problems around Him.

Thanks for reading. For more on how politics is deeply flawed, see here.

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