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Thursday, April 14, 2016

BioLogos homeschool forum

Raising and educating children to believe that there is no God, or that, if there is, He isn't very important, is obviously dangerous.

So is raising and educating children to believe that only one particular view of a controversial subject is valid, when there are strong arguments for other views, is also dangerous. Unfortunately, homeschooling in the US is dominated by Young-Earth Creationist views. Perhaps those views are right, but perhaps they aren't. There are other views held by Christians, and there are all too many people who have rejected the Gospel because they have had this internal conversation:

"The Bible says that the earth is only a few thousand years old. [It doesn't, but that's what they have been told.] But the geological and biological evidence indicates strongly that it is much older than that. If the Bible is so wrong about the natural world, why should I trust what it says about sin and salvation?"

The BioLogos Foundation has announced a Home Schooling Forum. BioLogos believes, and teaches, that evolution by natural selection has been one of God's method of bringing the earth's living things to their present condition.

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