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Friday, March 03, 2017

Homosexual activism and public opinion - what about adultery?

I recently read an article, entitled "The six ways homosexual activists manipulate public opinion." (The article was published in 2012.) The "six ways" included "claim victim status." The article concentrated on that, and discussed hate crimes against homosexuals, and how homosexuality is treated in college campus discourse and regulations. There is documentation for these two ideas, in particular. In the first place, the author claims that most crimes against homosexuals are perpetrated by other homosexuals, and that there are also more crimes by homosexuals against heterosexuals than the reverse. In the second place, university policies often seem to suppress any suggestion that homosexual activity might be sinful, and students, and sometimes faculty, are sometimes punished for saying so. Christian student groups have been severely penalized for refusing to allow practicing homosexuals to be group officers.

I don't doubt either of these claims, although I have no easy way to check them. I have seen other documentation of the second claim, and, expanding it, believe that speaking about what the Bible says about homosexuality is coming to lead to disagreement, and even legal penalties, in society at large. (See my post on how "hate speech" is coming to include merely saying that I think homosexual activity is condemned in the Bible.)

OK. Suppose these claims are true. One thing that would have been expected to happen is that homosexuals would appear more often in films, books and TV programs, and other media. Does anyone doubt that this has happened?

But the alarmism seems a bit odd, or at least not broad enough. It is doubtful that most homosexuals have agreed to adopt a particular agenda towards achieving acceptance and suppressing resistance to acceptance, even though they usually seem to want acceptance of their behavior. It's hard to organize any group that large. 

But, more important, where is the alarm over adultery and various forms of heterosexual sex outside of marriage, which have gradually become more "acceptable" over the past decades? Adulterers, and sexual partners without marriage, have made great inroads into popular culture, and, currently, there doesn't seem to be much said about that. Most of the sexual activity, implied, or actually shown, on network television, and, apparently, on pay-for-view sources such as HBO, is between heterosexual people who aren't married. I'm guessing that most pornography is heterosexual in nature, not homosexual. People who have committed adultery, or had sexual relations without marriage, are accepted, even sometimes put forward as role models. For an obvious example, few people, or none, seem to have been bothered by the adultery committed by the current President of the US (before he was a serious candidate). This is not to attack Mr. Trump, or to deny the possibility that he has been forgiven of that sin, but to indicate the widespread acceptance of adultery in our society, even by many so-called conservative Christians. In Mr. Trump's case, especially by conservative Christians.

To put it another way, Democrats often seem to accept, even glorify, homosexual behavior. Republicans are less likely to, but they seem to accept heterosexual sins, including adultery, which, after all, is forbidden by one of the Ten Commandments. At least as long as the heterosexual sinners claim to be against big government.

I quote from a previous post:
Is homosexual activity the worst sin? No. See what Jesus said in comparing Sodom to the people of his day, in Matthew 11:20-24, and Luke 10:1-12Romans 1 indicates that homosexual behavior is a symptom of a worse sin, idolatry or unbelief.

Homosexual activity is not even the worst sexual sin -- it's not part of the 10 commandments. There's a list of curses for sinful activity in Deuteronomy 27:15-26. Four such were curses for sexual misconduct, and they didn't include homosexual activity. (That does not, of course, make homosexual activity acceptable for Christians. [Or anyone else])

Thanks for reading. This post was edited on March 27, 2017.


FancyHorse said...

For a long time, I have thought that adultery and divorce were more harmful to families than homosexuality.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks. You are right, and the Bible reflects that.