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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Impressions, by Martin Wells Knapp, 53

In a previous excerpt, Knapp stated that there are four features of "impressions" from God. These are Scriptural; Right (consistent with good morals); Providential (in harmony with God's will); and Reasonable. His discussion of the result of living by "Convictions from Above" continues:

Duty Becomes a Pleasure. Though the feelings may at first shrink back from some of the leadings of the Holy Spirit, yet if compelled to yield, like conquered children, they will soon dry their tears and be inexpressibly glad under the right decisions of the will. Who has not wept for grief at some summons from above, and then a little later been thrilled with joy over the same guidance. For of such God says: "I will turn their mourning into joy and will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow." Men weep when God takes away their coppers, but rejoice when they see that He only did this that He might replace them with rubies.

God never impresses us to give up a Benjamin but He gives us a Joseph, the corn of His kingdom, and Benjamin back again, or something better.

There will be Seasons of Severe Temptation.
Satan will not allow God's life plan for His children to be executed without doing all in his power to thwart it. To accomplish this purpose he will come in thousands of artful and seemingly innocent ways, as well as by open and direct assault. So the Christian's only safety is to "watch and pray," lest temptation be fallen into.

The Bible will be Revered and its Teachings Obeyed. The Holy Spirit is the author of the Bible, and a part of His work is to explain and apply its teachings. Hence He never leads to a course which it condemns, but always in harmony with its instructions. Therefore, all who are fully led by Him will shape their acts according to the teachings of the Word, and their lives, like that of Jesus, will be a fulfillment of the principles of Holy Writ. They realize that all impressions which clash with the Word are wrong and steadfastly resist them.

God Cares for the Consequences. When God's leadings are rightly followed He takes all the responsibility of the results. We march around Jericho, He levels its walls.

Excerpted from Impressions, by Martin Wells Knapp. Original publication date, 1892. Public domain. My source is here. The previous post in the series is here.

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