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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sunspots 672

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

The Arts: There is a pulp magazine archive, of magazines published in the middle, more or less, of the last century, which may be accessed free of charge. Warning -- some of the covers are rather racy, and/or demeaning to women. There is a good search feature. I entered "Jack Vance," and was easily able to access his splendid The Dragon Masters, an award-winning story about what human nature is and isn't. Files can be accessed in several formats, including .PDF.

(and Science) Gizmodo on the discovery of pigments.

An atheist movie critic is positive about Paul, Apostle of Christ, which is currently in theaters.

Christianity: Gizmodo and other sources report that China has banned all on-line sales of Bibles.

Finance: On why US automakers might not be well served by relaxing fuel efficiency standards (as the Trump administration is in the process of doing).

Humor: Listverse tells us 10 interesting things about M&Ms.

Politics: A former Postmaster General says that President Trump is wrong -- the Post Office makes money delivering for Amazon.

Science: Scientific American reports that orangutans use plants as medicine.

Thanks for looking!

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